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Proven Track Record.

We’ve assembled an elite team to design & develop The Haro, at the core of Cordova Bay.

Kang & Gill Construction Inc.

After 30+ years of living and working in Victoria, they’ve made a name in their local communities. With 350 homes – and happy homeowners – backing them, Kang and Gill Construction Ltd. has become synonymous with quality, sustainability, and longevity. Since then, they have extended their expertise to condos and townhomes, becoming a preeminent developer of the modern-day home.

RJC Engineers

Specializing in structural engineering, building science, structural restoration, structural glass and façade engineering and parking facility design and restoration, RJC Engineers is one of North America’s leading engineering firms. RJC offers highly personalized services at the local level with the expertise, depth & resources of a large national firm.

Jenny Martin Design

Impeccable taste, years of experience, and extensive knowledge in building and design are a few reasons Jenny has been profoundly successful over the last decade. As Principal Designer and founder, as well as Victoria’s guru of transitional & West Coast design, Jenny employs an endless list of skills and mentors her team to follow suit. Her effortless talents to visualize and transform spaces combine fiercely with her aptitude in multiple AutoCAD programs, photography, and fine arts making her one of the top designers on Vancouver Island.

Alan Lowe Architect Inc.

Alan Lowe received his Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba and his Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon. He has been practicing architecture in British Columbia since 1988. As a professional architect with 15 years of experience as an elected official in local government (nine years as the Mayor of Victoria), Alan uses his unique insight to find areas of commonality between community groups, municipal government, and those investing in local development.

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