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Living Close to Nature Improves Your Health

Living near a park, or green space offers far more than just a nice view. There are many benefits to living near nature. Studies have shown that living near a park can improve physical health, relieve stress and improve immune function. In addition, parks provide a place to meet new friends and enjoy community activities. Cordova Bay is…

5 Reasons to be on a Golf Course

Golf is one of those magical sports that has something for everyone! That must be why it seems like there is a golf course in every Vancouver Island real estate market. Cordova Bay even has a beautiful golf course we would urge anyone to check out if you have not already. And you guessed it, it's called the Cordova…

The Benefits of Living Near the Ocean

When you live on an island it’s hard to get away from the ocean. Beaches surround you on every side. It is this seemingly limitless beachfront access that draws people's interests to the Vancouver Island real estate market. Cordova Bay has one of the most stunning beaches in Victoria, BC. But beachfront living is not just about the…

Why Everyone is Moving to Cordova Bay

Cordova Bay offers a breath of fresh ocean air from downtown city life. You'll find panoramic ocean vistas, ample parks, quiet residential streets, and quaint owned shops. This sought after location allows buyers the opportunity to live in Victoria, BC, without having to deal with the traffic and speed of downtown living. No wonder there is so little…

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