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Updates at the Haro.

Welcome to your new resource for all things Haro & Cordova Bay. Everything from community events to project development.

May 14th Site Update

Spring has sprung, and we're loving every minute of it on the island! With things moving along nicely on site, and the anticipation building, we figured it was time for an update... Shoreline Building:  The building is water tight and the siding has begun. The 4th floor is being insulated, with drywall starting next week. The 3rd floor…

April 9th Site Update

Thing's are moving along nicely on site, with all three buildings in the works! Units from our Ocean Breeze building have been flying off the shelves! Contact our office to receive an information package outlining available units left in each building, so you can snag your ideal luxury home. See below for our site progress: SHORELINE: Structure built,…

January 22nd Site Update

Thing's are moving along nicely on site, with all three buildings in the works! SHORELINE: 2nd floor framing walls stood, while joisting the 3rd floor. BREAKWATER: 4th floor hardwood is being installed. Along with the 3rd floor tile floor, cabinets, and trim. Additionally, the 2nd floor is receiving the finished drywall mud. OCEAN BREEZE: Level one suspended slab deck being formed,…

Haro Construction Update- July 2020

Phase 1 construction is moving at a great pace!  The underground parking is now complete under the Breakwater building (NW Corner) with framing set to begin on that building in late August.    The building will quickly start to take shape from here on in.  

Haro Construction Update- March 2020

As we roll into April, the Campbell Construction crew continues to make progress on the underground parking structure. The concrete and rebar filled walls and pillars as starting to take shape in forming the footprint of The Haro underground parkade.   Excavators and site servicing crews are also busy installing under slab services.  

How to Stay Fit in Cordova Bay

Part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle involves exercise. Many times our first thought when it comes to fitting exercise into our busy schedules is “are there any gyms near me?” Staying active doesn’t have to just involve a gym. In Cordova Bay, there are many activities to keep you moving and in shape. You can choose between…

Living Close to Nature Improves Your Health

Living near a park, or green space offers far more than just a nice view. There are many benefits to living near nature. Studies have shown that living near a park can improve physical health, relieve stress and improve immune function. In addition, parks provide a place to meet new friends and enjoy community activities. Cordova Bay is…

Why We All Want To Be Part Of A Community (Especially Cordova Bay!)

Picture a good 90’s sitcom. A new person has just moved to the building. There is a knock on the door. That one resident, who never left her one-horse town completely behind, is standing there to welcome the newcomer to the building with a homemade pie. It’s a nice picture, isn't it? It may be a little over…

5 Reasons to be on a Golf Course

Golf is one of those magical sports that has something for everyone! That must be why it seems like there is a golf course in every Vancouver Island real estate market. Cordova Bay even has a beautiful golf course we would urge anyone to check out if you have not already. And you guessed it, it's called the Cordova…

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