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Living Close to Nature Improves Your Health

Living Close To Nature Improves Your Health

Living near a park, or green space offers far more than just a nice view. There are many benefits to living near nature. Studies have shown that living near a park can improve physical health, relieve stress and improve immune function. In addition, parks provide a place to meet new friends and enjoy community activities.

Cordova Bay is a community that offers many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. Here are just a few of our favorite places to visit in Cordova Bay.

Cordova Bay Beach

Cordova Bay Beach is a highlight of the community. This long stretch of oceanfront can be accessed at numerous places along Cordova Bay Road. One of our favorite spots is Cordova Bay Park. This particular beach access has a playground and washroom facilities and is close to Doris Page Park. This special spot offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beach and cool off in the shade of the park trails. This is the perfect spot for some of those deep cleansing breaths you can only get in nature.

Doumac Park

Doumac Park is a forested trail that winds along Revans Creek. The well-kept stairs and dirt pathways make this a safe and leisurely stroll for all. This is the perfect quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of busy city life. What we love about this park is its central location in Cordova Bay and the calming sounds of the creek near the trail.

Cordova Bay Golf Course

Getting out into nature is not always about forest trails and natural waterways. Sometimes it can be just as beneficial to get out and enjoy some groomed green space. The Cordova Bay Golf Course offers breathtaking views and a chance to bring some different movements into your time in nature. Rolling green hills and time spent outdoors with friends can be just what the doctor ordered.

Lochside Trail

Want a place to pick up the pace a bit? The Lochside Trail is the best spot to bring a pair of running shoes or a bike and get a workout in while reconnecting with nature. The Lochside trail runs straight through Cordova Bay and hits a few parks along the way to stop and enjoy. This can be the perfect activity for kids if you bike a portion of the trail from the Lochside Park playground to Mattick’s farm. Mattick’s Farm is a great place to have some lunch on a patio surrounded by flowers after a family bike ride. A perfect activity for all ages.

Grant Park to McMinn Park

A lot of the parks in Cordova Bay are actually connected. You can walk from Grant Park to McMinn Park on a series of trails. There are some steep slopes along this trail offering a great place to explore the natural topography of Cordova Bay. McMinn Park has a large field that use to serve as a horse-training track and is a great place for a picnic or a game of Tennis. The walk between parks is relatively short so you have plenty of time to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

Elk Lake

If you are looking for a great swimming spot for those hot summer days Elk and Beaver Lake is the perfect escape. This park offers beaches for swimming, trails for hiking or biking and a Nature Centre for a bit of educational fun. Not to mention, boating! Rent a canoe and get out on the open water!

We all need to get away from the sounds of busy city life from time to time. Cordova Bay offers many opportunities to “get away from it all” in the heart of a thriving community. You can improve your physical fitness in the outdoors and save on a gym membership while reaping the benefits of being in nature. The Haro is a Vancouver Island real estate project offering luxurious living close to all the natural wonders of Cordova Bay. If you are looking for condos for sale in Victoria, BC get in touch today.

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