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Why We All Want To Be Part Of A Community (Especially Cordova Bay!)

Why We All Want To Be Part Of A Community (Especially Cordova Bay!)

Picture a good 90’s sitcom. A new person has just moved to the building. There is a knock on the door. That one resident, who never left her one-horse town completely behind, is standing there to welcome the newcomer to the building with a homemade pie. It’s a nice picture, isn’t it? It may be a little over the top but the idea of being friendly with your neighbours is an instinct woven into the fabric of humanity. Communities pop up all over the place in our lives. We have a work community, we have a gym community, and we have the community of our friends. These groups of people make us better individuals. They make us happier and more productive. The community that seems to be falling a bit by the wayside is the neighbourhood community. Cordova Bay is a strong and united community. It is still one of those Vancouver Island Real Estate markets where neighbours get welcomed because the residents there realize one thing: we are stronger together.

There are a lot of benefits to being a part of a community, but check out our top 5 below.


Communities are full of ideas. People are always looking for ways to improve where they live and these projects shouldn’t end at your front door or driveway. These community projects expand out into the parks and streets of a neighbourhood. These improvements and initiatives take people power and volunteers to get done. A strong community means a better-looking community. When a group of people works together to accomplish a project it is a lot easier to see it through – not to mention a lot more fun. Cordova Bay is a community that understands that if you want something done you have to rally the troops and come together.


Networking is key in every aspect of life, not just your professional world. Knowing a lot of people helps each individual accomplish their personal goals as well as the community’s goals. Imagine trying to throw a community BBQ and not knowing the grocer, or a local chef. You never know what connection is going to lead to the dream team of the Christmas craft fair or the Cordova Bay beach clean up committee. A connection with a neighbour in the community could ultimately have positive effects on your professional life as well. You never know what a new relationship is going to bring.


Being alone is not always fun. Sometimes alone time is great for your health but, most of the time, sharing experiences with others is more enjoyable. Being able to have a summer dinner on your neighbour’s patio or a block party with everyone on the street is a lot of fun. Making friends with another resident in the building is a great way to have a Sunday morning golf companion or a Wednesday evening wine buddy. A community is fun, community means having more friends.


Any time you get a bunch of different minds together there is an opportunity to be inspired. Different people look at the world in a different way. If you are open to seeing the world through someone else’s eyes it may inspire a new thought in your mind. The best way to push an individual and a community forward is to open up the discussion to new and exciting points of view. When we are a part of bringing out the best in each other it has a way of bringing out the best in ourselves.


Part of what makes Cordova Bay feel so safe is the strong sense of community. Strangers are scary. If you know your neighbours you can stop wondering who you are living next to because they are not strangers anymore. If everyone knows each other, naturally everyone starts to consider the well-being and safety of the community. When your neighbour becomes your friend they also become part of the safety net that surrounds your life.

Being part of a strong community sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Vancouver Island itself is a kind of community that is made up of many unique smaller communities. If you are interested in hearing about the amazing community in Cordova Bay and the Vancouver Island real estate market make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletter and register to become part of Cordova Bay’s newest oceanfront living development!

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