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The Benefits of Living Near the Ocean

The Benefits Of Living Near The Ocean

When you live on an island it’s hard to get away from the ocean. Beaches surround you on every side. It is this seemingly limitless beachfront access that draws people’s interests to the Vancouver Island real estate market.

Cordova Bay has one of the most stunning beaches in Victoria, BC. But beachfront living is not just about the view. Homeowners can enjoy many health benefits from living near the ocean. In fact, there is a word for the healing therapy the ocean provides: thalassotherapy.

Check out a few of our favorite benefits of living by the ocean below:

Better Sleep

Every year you sleep for approximately 4 months in total. Yet, many people complain about the quality of their sleep. We buy blinds to block the city lights. We listen to sleep tapes and ambient recordings. We buy new pillows, mattresses, and blankets. We do all of these things with the intention of having a better sleep.

The soothing white noise of the beach can be a priceless sleep improvement tool. Listening to recordings of the beach can help, but nothing compares to the real thing. The repetitive sounds of waves crashing onto the shore can help soothe insomnia and promote a healthier sleep cycle. The closer your home is to the beach in Victoria, the quieter the city sounds become too.

Physical Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to living near the ocean. Breathing fresh ocean air is great for respiratory health. For those that suffer from allergies, asthma, sinus conditions, and many other ailments, a breath of fresh ocean air can be a welcome relief.

The ocean is also an excellent healer of skin conditions or skin damage. Salt water is naturally antibacterial. The ocean can help in the healing of minor cuts and scrapes as well as chronic conditions such as acne. The water may be cold but if you can get out and swim at Cordova Bay Beach you will experience the effects of the ocean. High levels of Magnesium in ocean water can help with muscle function, glandular problems, and your metabolism. Not to mention, a little cold water therapy can go a long way.

Mental Health

Being in nature has a healing power we have all experienced. Ocean and marine environments, however, appear to have an even stronger positive effect on your mental state. The calming effect of the ocean is referred to as Blue Mind. This zen state is easier to access at the beach thanks to an abundance of negatively charged ions.


Exercise is something we all strive to fit into our daily routine. It can be hard to find time in our bustling city life to fit in a workout. It can be even harder to enjoy proper exercise. Running on the beach or swimming in the ocean is a great way to stay active. The scenery at the beach changes every day, unlike the stale backdrop of a gym. Plus, any exercise on the beach has the added benefit of all that vitamin D.

Social Connection

When you think of the beach what do you see? Families playing with their children, friends hanging out, kayakers out for a paddle. Many activities at the beach are social ones. Even if you are just going to enjoy a good book, you are surrounded by people having fun. Living near Cordova Bay Beach offers many opportunities to meet people and feel a strong sense of connectedness.

With all the health benefits of living near the ocean, it is no wonder so many condos for sale in Victoria, BC are boasting “ocean views” or “waterfront living”. The Vancouver Island real estate market offers homeowners a chance to live on an island paradise, but not all homes can offer what Cordova Bay has naturally. The beautiful beaches and lifestyle of Cordova Bay can easily be enjoyed in one of the luxurious units at The Haro.

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